Elevate Clean originated from Dedag Truck Concrete Cleaning and has evolved into the cleaning and disinfectant industry. We specialise in cleaning offerings and services to a branch of industries by utilising our past experience and knowledge. We are familiar with dealing and co-operating with businesses effectively in terms of their cleaning requirements and put great emphasis on following cleaning protocols and guidelines.

We as a company pride ourselves on avoiding water wastage and remaining mess free. Our products are biodegradable and non-toxic resulting in a reduction of water and our carbon footprint. Our products also kill bacteria from humans, pets and plants and are even both pet and environmentally friendly.

The Elevate Clean crew is well trained in all aspects of cleaning and sanitisation from working at fleet depots to moving around commercial premises efficiently yet effectively. We are also experienced in following step-by-step procedures from arriving on site to carrying out our duties accordingly. Our aim is to always ensure safety as well as finishes are provided consistently and always at a high standard.

Why Us

Elevate Clean maintains the highest standards in the cleaning and sanitising industry upholding all Safe Work Australia procedures as well as ensuring professionalism in every aspect of our service.

Our Products are all EPA approved, non-toxic and biodegradable ensuring our business maximises their role of cleansing all touch point parts of the vehicle and remaining environmentally friendly. Elevate clean also offers proof and updates of every single clean with a certificate ensuring peace of mind and stressless service for the business through this documentation process.

Safe Work Australia plans are in accordance with the centre for disease control and prevention (CDC), The EPA and the Australian Department for health, and updated regularly to fit the continuous changing issues arising in society.

Our quality management procedure consists of;

  • Itemised asset checklist
  • Duration and log in times
  • Photo proof
  • Touch point area identification cleaner interface
  • Asset specific checklist

Elevate Clean further expands all crew member’s skill set by training all employees to specialise in all cleaning services.


All businesses ranging from small to large have been severely impacted and disrupted by the outbreak of the recent pandemic, COVID-19. Through the introduction of our service, Elevate Clean’s goal is to minimise the spread to the best of our ability.

Our main services are
1. Touchpoint Covid Cleaning for Commercial Premises and Vehicles
2. Waterless Car Wash that comes to you

Providing Safety for Your Workplace
Elevate clean is fully insured and all washes come with a $20 Million public liability insurance. Safe Operations ensure that we meet or exceed all requirements in terms of work safety methods prioritising that all services are completed in accordance with all laws and procedures. All washes are completed using biodegradable non-toxic products saving thousands of litres per service deeming Elevate Clean environmentally friendly, efficient and effective.

Safe Work

Following Safe Work Australia

Regarding Safe Work Australia laws, businesses have been obligated to put a risk management plan in order to manage the risk of the virus and deal with it efficiently yet effectively. Elevate clean has created their own step-by-step system to ensure all standards are met in accordance with Safe Work Australia guidelines.

In the situation where a close contact is present in the work place;

  • Business must notify NSW department of health
  • The area that the person was present in must be deep cleaned as well as fully disinfected

All current health directives as per the N.S.W Health Department will be adhered to, to ensure reduction and prevention to remove a health risk.

COVID-19 Sanitisation and Touch Point Cleaning

The service we provide to fleet and car dealers ranging to car hire companies showcases effectiveness and focus on virus prevention and a waterless wash service. Our role is to cover all touch point areas both inside and out of the vehicle to prevent your staff and customers from contracting the virus. Elevate Clean also signs off on each and vehicle including utensils and any tools that are present ensuring our role of the service is fulfilled to maximum potential, ensuring all parties are in accordance with Safe Work Australia protocols.

Our 100% EPA approved disinfectant kills up to 99% of germs, virus and any bacteria including COVID-19. All our crew members are trained to sanitise touch points by following our step-by-step procedures to ensure consistency in the service we offer ensuring all vehicles are virus and bacteria free. Elevate Clean’s staff are also suited up in the correct PPE in accordance with Safe Work Australia ensuring the spread and contraction of the bacteria is removed.

The importance of disinfecting COVID-19

Through the use of Elevate Clean’s COVID-19 and waterless car washes, we recommend daily and rotating shift changes to ensure our job is completed to the best of our ability. All vehicles and premises must be disinfected and sanitised in order to handle these precautions accordingly allowing the business functionality to remain present whilst co-operating with Safe Work Australia protocols.

In reference to the National Statement of Regulatory COVID-19, our crew specialises in:

  • A step-by-step COVID-19 plan covering all touch point parts of the vehicle and premises
  • Control of any further spread ensuring our crew is 100% fitted in protective gear
  • Following and taking directions provided by health authorities
  • Continuously monitoring COVID-19 developments

These procedures are regularly monitored and adjusted in order to co-operate with changing procedures and health advice in regard to Safe Work Australia.


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